Matthew Bird, Architect

Since 2008 Matthew Bird has developed a creative spatial practice in the mediums of sculpture, installation, scenography, photography, interior design, architecture and site-specific interventions. Projects have been completed in residential, commercial and retail locations and presented in galleries, museums, theatres and festivals.

He established his practice Studiobird with the interior project Alphaomega Apartment. A two-room Melbourne CBD apartment was paradoxically transformed with handcrafted scavenged and low-cost materials. The transformation materialised his technique of fashioning ready-made materials into arousing, symbolic environments.

Matthew's practice is recognised with awards, grants, extensive online media coverage, published reviews and references in journals and books. His design practice is an armature for his academic tenure at Monash University where he introduces students to speculative design practices, engaged with industry led partnerships and realised a strong and distinct research portfolio.

Image: 3 Deep

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