Alphaomega Apartment, Melbourne CBD, Australia

Creationism. Evolution. Neon. Man. Escape. Nature. Artificial. Everything. Universe. Space. Mediocre. Veneer. Pattern. Set. Costume. Dream. Nightmare. Birth. Death. Reincarnated. Inside. Outside. Watch. Peek. Voyeur. Just Cos. Narcissism. Vanity. Utopia. Dystopia. Dark. Shady. Swallow. Saturation. Beige. Schizophrenia. Are you mad? Soft. Harsh. Pretty. Vulgar. Domestic.

Alphaomega transforms an ordinary Melbourne CBD rental apartment into a client-specific and personalized surreal escape. Drawing from an extreme range of references, from Michelangelo to the Aussie red kangaroo, a domestic retreat materialized.

Ordinary, off-the-shelf materials such as wool twine, bark, diverter hose, stainless steel hubcaps, windscreen blazers, rear-view mirrors and toy world globes are articulated as decorative installation elements throughout the apartment. Alphaomega Apartment discovers ordinary Bunnings’ commodities can be rethought, reworked and attain new, metamorphic and bespoke values.

Photography Peter Bennetts

Weis, L ‘Dystopia’, Australian Design Review, Online Feature 2008

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