Art Tram, Melbourne Festival Australia

Melbourne Festival double-sided Art Tram: Rooftop Landing + Freeway collaboration with choreographer Phillip Adams and photographers Igor Sapina and Victor Schietti. 

Bird&Adams present a double sided performative vision of Melbourne’s architectural and freeway cityscape through photography. Rooftop Landing is a performance installation atop a Melbourne CBD high-rise building. Elevated one hundred meters above street level an anonymous figure in unidentifiable motorbike attire performs instinctual neo-dada movement experimenting with an alien ‘unknown’ existence. Rooftop is a radial landing site crafted in an attempt to create an immersive abduction experience. Freeway explores the architectural doctrines and cultures of modernist freeways. Melbourne’s Ring Road, Monash Freeway and more specifically the Tullarmaine Freeway entrance echo historical infrastructural progress of our freeway networks. An unexpected figure in this series is juxtaposed with a 1960s futuristic architectural vision and culturally symbolic of its worker inhabitants.

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