Erenboim House
Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia

Erenboim House is designed as a new residence for a large family in Caulfield, a leafy southern suburb in Melbourne.

The sighting and configuration of the house is designed to capture the lots skewered, forty-five degree orientation of the northern sun. A series of interlocking cubic units form the various rooms of the house, and windows have been orientated toward northern and eastern views.

The spatial requirements of the new home reflect the domestic lifestyle of the young and growing family – entertaining rooms, living rooms, play room, study, kids bedrooms of equal size and a master suite that includes sleeping, retreating and bathing space. A centrally located kitchen anchors the house, providing a concentrated space for the family to eat and converse.

The fortified exterior appearance to the street addresses the family’s requirements of a secure looking home whilst the pixelated facade conveys the floor plans’ forty-five degree interlocking pattern. An abstract idea of the ornamental materializes in the custom tile façade, drawing reference to Frank Lloyd Wright’s early twentieth century texture-block Storer House, Los Angeles.

Further interior finishes integrate the ornamental qualities of the interlocking pattern including the staircase ‘light chimney’, various room-dividing screens and the kitchen’s joinery. Finally, the surrounding landscape, including hard and soft-scaping, play areas and formal spaces, draw upon the interlocking pattern.

Collaboration with artist and designer Michelle Hamer

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