Future Wagon, Caulfield South Australia

Exhibited in Melbourne Now as 'Future Wagon Taxidermy', Sampling The City: Architecture In Melbourne Now (Incubator Room), The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square

Future Wagon envisions a nomadic home of tomorrow. This is not a high-tech caravan project for a family of four rather the pursuit of an anachronistic and ‘unidentifiable’ symbol on wheels. The project speculates upon our future inhabitant’s roaming street address and value of material decor. Where will we live, and what will our homes look like?

The outcome is constructed from ‘do-it-yourself’ materials and amalgamates numerous wandering references from stagecoaches of the wild west, gypsy caravans, regal carriages, Buckminster Fuller’s dymaxion car to homemade billycarts and shopping trolleys of the homeless.

Materials: powder coated steel pipes, galvanised steel ‘guinea-pig’ wire mesh, trapezium white reflectors, cuttings of clear PVC carpet matting, skylight domes, multipurpose plumbing hose, clear shower curtain rings, nylon white cable ties, true blue garden hose, cobweb brooms and moving trolleys.

With Phillip Adams
Movie & Photography Igor Sapina

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