Landing #1_Mojave 
Mojave Desert, California, USA

A performative installation in the Mojave Desert to test the mesmerising geometries of The Integratron by replicating them on the desert floor. Armed with ‘marking’ materials of pegs, reflectors and builders line sourced from a local Home Depot I built a radial landing site in an attempt to communicate with the supposed aliens. And the aliens did arrive in the form of a ‘desert-rat’ - a menacing alien appearing from nowhere on trail bike with tattoos and rifle.

The surreal experience was amplified with the desert-rat circumnavigating the landing site with doughnuts and burnouts. This important and dubious moment was at once conceptually compelling for the project and near-death terrifying. The Integratron is a small architecturally considered project built in the 1950s by unusual means to communicate with aliens. Yes aliens. Apparently its builder had an encounter with extra-terrestrials who gave him blueprints to construct a perfectly composed dome, both acoustically and aesthetically, with a central oculus and sixteen radial apertures.

Collaboration with Phillip Adams Balletlab

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