Landing #2_Luxembourg
Bock Casemates, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Series of performative installations in Luxembourg. To test geometries and materials in a performative narrative. Armed with materials of rocks, reflectors, blankets cement mixers and builders line a series of radial landing sites were built in an attempt to recreate an immersive abductive experience. To test utopian ideas. A ‘collaborative’ nature transformed the project from a top-down approach to a ‘community of ideas’ allowing a team to iteratively develop the project into an ‘architectural performance’ outcome.

As a group we spent hours nurturing a participatory way of constructing a utopian space interconnected with further ideas of vibrational energy, alien encounters and abduction. Many developmental installations were created, testing further materials both within the studio environment and around the historic urban city of Luxembourg.

Collaboration with Phillip Adams Balletlab

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