Neervana Haven
Great Ocean Road, Fairhaven, Australia

Neervana Haven manifests as a luxury Australian coastal holiday home for an Indian couple and their extended family. The home hovers above the iconic Great Ocean Road in Fairhaven, a remote coastal community in southwest Victoria.

The brief was to transform an existing modern timber beach home into richly decorative, ‘Indian meets Aussie’ coastal experience. The result is a montage of two differing cultural materials and textures with an overriding mythical marine theme.

The bulk of materials were sourced by the owners in India and transported to Australia in their suitcases. These materials, including Indian crystals, pashminas, copper dinnerware, silver servery plates and other unique items were then carefully installed in various configurations throughout the home.

The significant exterior installation of the home is the decorative use of reflective silver plates, shimmering in similar manner to the scales of an ocean fish and starfish whilst recalling architectural ornamentation of Indian palaces.

An interior installation composed of hundreds of handcrafted mobiles, floats within the ceiling space of the upstairs living room. These mystical creatures are made from Indian crystals and anodised heavy-duty construction washers, shimmering in the orbiting sun. Further colourful and decorative aspects furnish the home, ultimately transforming the typified Aussie beach retreat into a subversion of Indian palatial luxury.

Photography Christine Francis

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