The Abstract, Monash University Australia

Designed by Jasmine Rachim, Ellen Hodson, Emma Loo, Eliza Monti & Amanda Blazey - Final Year Interior Architecture Studio (Major Project), Monash University.

Supervision: Matthew Bird (Studiobird) & Gene Bawden

The Abstract designed by Monash University Interior graduates is an ambitious exhibition project exploring unorthodox spatial realms of reading rooms. The exhibition reinvents the tradition of a reading room environment within a gallery context to promote prestigious academic journals with the aim to engage early career academics to the realties and benefits of publishing. The exhibition challenges ideas around non-traditional research and what it means to be a researcher in creative practice today. Incorporating typography, performance, fashion and choreography The Abstract provokes discussion around interdisciplinary modes of interior architecture practice.

Supported by the Monash University Library and the MADA Research Office


Costumes: Sabio Evans, Choreography: Deanne Butterworth, Typography: Gene Bawden (MADA), Film: James Wright, NON, Film score: J.D. Franzke, Photography: Christine Francis

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