The Tracey Thredbo Project
Dancehouse, Melbourne, Australia

The Tracey Thredbo Project tested my experiential qualities of a liberating mind, spirit, body with space, place and architecture,
with the construction of a tessellating and disembodying installation structure. This experience informed a unique cross-disciplinary narrative between and betwixt an architect and performance artist/ choreographer who was experimenting with human movement, built form with the trajectory of designing interactive ‘liberating’ spaces.

The culmination of the research was highlighted at an open studio demonstration/lecture which was attended by a mix of academics, dance fellows and architects. A suspended ceiling structure was crafted from 318 cardboard archive boxes and performatively distorted via a series of climatic energy simulations above an unsuspecting audience.

The architecturally designed ceiling was processed through a performative and choreographic theatrical narration. Audience members were invited to participate by resting underneath while the contracting and tessellating ceiling structure reconfigured above through a complex design system of articulating ropes and pulleys. Each contraction simulated an ominous ‘disaster’ presence of the cyclone, earthquake, landslide and simultaneously alluding to spiritual assertions, confinement and ‘other’.

The ceiling was designed and handcrafted using low cost and ‘ordinary’ construction materials including cardboard boxes, conduit piping, nylons, roping, pulley’s and cables sourced from recycle centres and various hardware outlets.

Collaboration with choreographer Phillip Adams

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