Wowzzzeee w/ Adele Varcoe, Melbourne Australia 

Presented at Arts House (13th - 21st March, 2018) for the Festival of Live Art & the Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF)  

Onesie is the loneliest number in Melbourne fashion. But the briefly loved, now much-maligned one-piece garment is coming out for the closet for a hands-on artwork titled Wowzzzeee. Artists Adele Varcoe and Matthew Bird are assembling a ‘onesie-stop shop’ at North Melbourne’s Arts House for the Festival of Live Art where dedicated followers of any fashion will be invited to make and wear a onesie with bling. “These ones have a real wow factor, Varcoe said yesterday, slipping into her own spangled jumpsuit. The event, Wowzzzeee guides visitors through a ‘garment factory’, a pseudo shop and a fitting room. Varcoe, who wears onesies every day of the year said: “Clothes inform the way we all interact, and we're amplifying that in our show. Most of all it’s fun”.

Words: Simon Plant (Herald Sun) / Photography Christine Francis

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