The Abstract 

4th Year Interior Architecture Studio (Major Project), Monash University 2015 Supervision: Matthew Bird & Gene Bawden 

The Abstract designed by Monash University Interior graduates is an ambitious exhibition project exploring unorthodox spatial realms of reading rooms. The exhibition reinvents the tradition of a reading room environment within a gallery context to promote prestigious academic journals with the aim to engage early career academics to the realties and benefits of publishing. The exhibition challenges ideas around non-traditional research and what it means to be a researcher in creative practice today. Incorporating typography, performance, fashion and choreography The Abstract provokes discussion around interdisciplinary modes of interior architecture practice.

Designed by: Jasmine Rachim, Ellen Hodson, Emma Loo, Eliza Monti & Amanda Blazey

Supported by the Monash University Library and the MADA Research Office


Costumes: Sabio Evans Choreography: Deanne Butterworth Typography: Gene Bawden Film: James Wright, NON Film Composition & Sound: J.D. Franzke Photography: Christine Francis

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