Bunker Studio

2/3 Year Interior Architecture Studio, Monash University 2014 / Tutors: Matthew Bird & Phillip Adams (Guest)

The Bunker studio investigated ideas of symbolic and liminal space through design-lead research of embassy, performative, filmic and underground spaces and experiences. Students examined curious liminal and paradoxical sites of exception from Brasilia’s modernist embassy architecture, international space launch pads, underground and fortified structures and filmic space including Logan’s Run, THX1138 and Andromeda Strain… Students strengthened their verbal, 2d and 3d representational skills whilst developing new experimental and experiential communication skills through filmic and body scale design-make installations… Final artefacts and enactments of the studio were presented as at various scales, across various sites, utilizing various medias with emphasis upon the relationship(s) of body, space and time.

Images by Emilie Evans, Beatrice Whitworth, Sean McKee and Samantha Poole

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