The Exoticus
Koolan Island, Kimberly Coast, Western Australia

Located within the surreal landscape of Western Australia’s Kimberley coastline, The Exoticus manifests as a fantastical resort and pleasure oasis for the travelling hedonistic.

Koolan Island in the Indian Ocean is destined to become the latest exotic holiday location for indulging and experience-seeking travellers. Currently an open-cut iron ore quarry, the island will be transformed into a luxurious resort with the construction a colossal fortified structure, accommodating visitors within a secure leisure atmosphere, free to gamble, swim and intoxicate. Turquoise blue lagoons, salt-water crocodiles, electrical stormy cyclones, iron-ore scars and extreme tidal currents surround.

Lagoon-style cabanas border the colossal structure, each luxuriously textured and appointed with immersive bedroom quarters surrounded by private plunge pools.

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