Parallaxis, Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide Australia

Adelaide//International, Adelaide Festival_ 28th Feb to 3rd April, 2020

Parallaxis is a new moving-image work, which launched at the Adelaide International Festival in early 2020 alongside a solo exhibition at Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide. Filmed in the surrounds of the small Victorian town of Warracknabeal, Parallaxis draws on the startling landscape of the Wimmera-Mallee wheatbelt to explore ways we navigate, hold, and alter space. The film follows two offworld figures as they arrive to survey an unforgiving terrain via large cylindrical instruments that are pushed and pulled in perpetual movement. Parallaxis considers the potential for architectural processes and measurements to act as a foundation for understanding and fixing an earthly position.

Duration: 16m42s

Team: Matthew Bird (concept & sculpture) with Lilian Steiner & Ashleigh McLellan (performers), James Wright, Eugene Perepletchikov (photography), Daniel Jenatsch (sound composition), Geoffrey Watson & Charity Edwards (costume), Bluebottle (lighting)

Photography: James Wright (film stills) & Sam Noonan (exhibition)

Curator: Joanna Kitto, Samstag Museum of Art

In conjunction with University of South Australia Master of Architecture students, led by Senior Lecturer Rachel Hurst.

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